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Posted: 10 June 2010, 03:24
Comments (11):
Hayk Shalunts
amerikyan tarosikner
10 June 2010, 04:07
Emma Grigoryan
oh, I see you have changed the size :) feels like Miami beach :)

HASH: it seems the author talks English only, so better write comments on Eng.
10 June 2010, 04:25
Jim Luhning
Thanks so much for Your help Emma! I have been trying to translate Hash's comments but cannot figure what language. I saw that He has photos of Armenian churches, but I cannot find a translator that lists a language for Armenia! I have no reservations with translating and even find it to be fun to explore different languages. I'm trying to learn some Spanish as many of My best Friends on "Face" are Spanish speaking.

I very much enjoy Your "Fairies on the beach" photos! They are beautiful and very well shot! My favorite is the one posted today. I'm also enjoying Hash's black and white work!
;{ )>
10 June 2010, 15:17
Jim Luhning
Excuse; "Fairies of the lake"
10 June 2010, 15:21
Emma Grigoryan
Jim, actually when we write armenian we simply don't switch to armenian letters, it's some sort of problematic in the net. So you will not be able to translate it - simply there is no armenian word written with english letters. Google Translate has added Armenian Language in the listy recently, but it's still in ALPHA version and you can only translate "words written with real armenian letters there".

Perhaps you should just post the first comment under your photos that you REQUIRE ENGLISH COMMENTS ONLY
10 June 2010, 17:06
Jim Luhning
Great idea Emma...You rock Lady! I'm very glad to get that information! ;{ )>
10 June 2010, 18:38
Emma Grigoryan
you are welcome
10 June 2010, 18:51
Hayk Shalunts
sorry.. no idea how to say "tarosik" in English :|
11 June 2010, 01:17
Jim Luhning
No Problem My Friend ;{ )>
11 June 2010, 02:38
Emma Grigoryan
tarosik = sort of small souvenirs (all the same) we have in our weddings, usually some sort of candies nicely decorated and most often wrapped in white tulle fabric, like small brides. Guest, who are young/not married or families who got unmarried children receive that from the couple with the idea that they will also marry soon
11 June 2010, 04:42
Jim Luhning
Aw...Thanks Emma, that makes it easy to understand. It sounds like a very nice tradition!
11 June 2010, 07:48
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