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Дата: 20 июнь 2010, 22:10
Неаполь, улица, документальное
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Hovhannes Boranyan
Lav nkara :)
21 июнь 2010, 04:45
manan tevosyan
it seems like the environment and the character have merged into one. normally not a very big fan of this kind of technichal editing, but it works really well with the concept in this case i think. me likey!
21 июнь 2010, 18:23
Levon Hovsepyan | LHows
thank you, would you explain me pls. what is the technical editing term stands for ? Usually my editing concludes in changing just the shadow contrast (for raw) to achieve the desired deepness. In fact :) ,as we see, the bottle of vine was bringing more and more the man to union with the environment..
21 июнь 2010, 19:28
manan tevosyan
it means however you decide to edit the photograph :) the visual results
25 июнь 2010, 14:19
Tigran Aleksanyan
lavn a)))
15 август 2010, 11:21
Artyom(TyomS) Harutyunyan
11 сентябрь 2010, 16:48
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