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© Emma Grigoryan - fairy of the lake V
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Posted: 1 July 2010, 15:20
I am doing big series of Mauritian fairies, the Mauritian girls are very different, from black-African type - to white and blonde.

This shoot is about the Fairy of the Lake.
Photo, makeup, hair, dress: me
Model: Sarah (white type: with American, Mexican and Spanish origins)

Equipment for the series: Canon 350D, kit 18-55mm (on this shot, top view from portable stairs in the ocean, extreme shot:), Canon 50mm f/1.8, Tamron 75-300mm
Comments (2):
Tigran Biface Lorsabyan
mer sireli perin :)
1 July 2010, 15:41
Jim Luhning
I like this Emma, but I'm sticking with My favorite! They are all beautiful though! ;{ )>
2 July 2010, 00:58
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