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Дата: 12 сентябрь 2010, 17:18
coming down to earth

super crazy fairy shoot with the most beautiful girl in Mauritius Sophie-Claire Violette and the best assistant in the world DigitAlchemist Kikilana !!!

Canon 350D + 50mm f/1.8 + flash light from the right
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Armen Gevorgyan
Lavna shat!!
13 сентябрь 2010, 01:42
Emma Grigoryan
1 hat Canon 580 flash hervum kangnacrac vor diffuse lini, uxaki vor mi qich luys lini, arden arevs gnacel er. irakanum bavakan hervum er, der vazelu taracq piti liner
13 сентябрь 2010, 06:41
Tiko Gevorgyan
13 сентябрь 2010, 08:49
14 сентябрь 2010, 08:10
Gunnar Thorsen jr.
Here you created some realy big out of small and cheap gear !
Good work !

Gunnar T.jr
6 январь 2011, 14:21
Emma Grigoryan
Thanks Gunnar,
I believe it's not the equipment making the photo, it's the person behind the equipment.. I have other Camera available, but decided to do this fairy series with this small minimal staff.
6 январь 2011, 14:30
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