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Posted: 15 January 2011, 06:33
Shot of this White-tailed Eagle taken in February 2010 on the floating ice at the Sea of Okhotsk (Охо́тское мо́ре) North East of a place called Rausu on Hokkaido, Japan.
Nikon D300 with Nikkor 200-400 AF-S VR lens.

Best regards and have a nice weekend,

Comments (9):
Hovhannes Boranyan
Like :)
15 January 2011, 06:34
Garnik Karapetyan
Nikon is the best
15 January 2011, 14:19
Ewald Eichelberger
15 January 2011, 14:32
Alexander Baghdasaryan
Nikon is the best, Canon is better:) you know.
I liked the picture.
16 January 2011, 09:18
Harry Eggens
Thanks for your comments and likes guys. Highly appreciated!
By the way: Nice discussion about Canon versus Nikon :-)......, lol!
For me it doesn't matter whether one is using the C or the N, but what matters is the person who hands the camera :)

Best regards, Harry
16 January 2011, 19:00
Garnik Karapetyan
Hasselblad even even even better
17 January 2011, 03:30
Harry Eggens
You are totally right Garnik :-)
That's the best of the best :)
17 January 2011, 06:04
YuLia Grigoryants
17 January 2011, 13:24
Khachatur Martirosyan
19 May 2011, 01:02
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