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© Harry Eggens - Attack of the Clone
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Дата: 16 январь 2011, 18:39
Mature White-tailed Eagle attacked by a Herring Gull in mid air.
Shot taken during a trip to Flatanger in Norway.
Nikon D2x and Nikkor 300mm AF-I lens.

Best regards, Harry
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Hovhannes Boranyan
WOW :)
17 январь 2011, 03:22
It's photoshop?
17 январь 2011, 05:41
Harry Eggens
Thanks again for the comments and likes.
@Hunter: No photoshop at all :) It is very often that Gulls and Crows attack Birds of Prey if these Raptors are going for a bite the Gulls and Crows also would like to have.
they are not afraid at all for these much bigger birds because they know they are fasterthan the Eagles.

Cheers, Harry
17 январь 2011, 08:35
Thanks Harry )
18 январь 2011, 10:11
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