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© Sandy McLachlan - An Iris
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Дата: 5 июль 2011, 08:36
(Perhaps placed in the wrong category?)
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love the droplets. There is a category macro if you wish too.

May I ask ? Is it the true blue or did you enhance it a little ?
In any case it's a beautiful floral.
5 июль 2011, 09:17
Sandy McLachlan
Hi Marie - Thanks very much for your comments!

It's pretty much true blue and as it was, I did very little to it. (Afraid I couldn't tell you the exact Iris type, think sold as Blue or Dark Blue Iris.)

Thanks again Marie, much appreciated!
5 июль 2011, 09:47
Mark Stewart
Amazing colours, this photo jumps out at you. And the droplets add to the overall composition.

Mark S.
6 июль 2011, 11:05
Sandy McLachlan
Thanks Mark for your kind comments - very much appreciated!
6 июль 2011, 11:31
johny hemelsoen
Color and light are very beautiful.
6 июль 2011, 13:12
Sandy McLachlan
Thanks very much Johny!
6 июль 2011, 17:29
alexej pavelchak
Beautiful picture! Iris as a living!
17 июль 2011, 18:49
Sandy McLachlan
Thank you very much Alexej!
17 июль 2011, 20:02
Nina Gataulin
What a color!Beautiful flower!
9 август 2011, 15:03
Sandy McLachlan
Thanks very much Nina!
11 август 2011, 07:46
Viktor Olesov
The strongest color in photography. Very nice
22 август 2011, 15:08
Sandy McLachlan
Thanks very much Viktor!
22 август 2011, 16:13
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