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/ Пейзаж со столбами.

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© Валентин Усванов - Пейзаж со столбами.
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Posted: 17 July 2011, 08:53
Comments (4):
Alexander Asedach
Красивая холодная картинка.
17 July 2011, 14:43
Sandy McLachlan
Love this and so glad that there is a 3rd pole in the distance because I feel that it adds a great deal to the shot - the framing by the other two poles draws the viewer towards it I feel that it is an excellent composition that works very well outside the bounds of such restrictions as the rule of thirds. Very well done!!
17 July 2011, 14:55
Yury Bird
18 July 2011, 04:01
Irina bc999 Gubanova
кладбище великанов
10 August 2011, 04:16
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