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Дата: 1 ноябрь 2005, 22:10
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...when i went down this stairs for the first time i had this sudden urge, or rather desire, to go down them forever... all the little cells, and the purity, and the silence... and somehow the cold weather despite the summer heat in Blago...
*did you like it there..?
**can't send any mails or icq-msgs... has the server gone berserk again?
1 ноябрь 2005, 23:00
Anush Babajanyan
the server's ok now jana...
how do you know which stairs these areNULL
actually there wasn't silence, there was a painter, that kept on saying "I have to be a commercial painter. Look at my pictures on this floor, go down the stairs, look at my pictures there..."
2 ноябрь 2005, 00:25
Suren Manvelyan
2 ноябрь 2005, 12:38
Lavna An... U Eshera est takaia rabota odna ochen poxoja...
3 ноябрь 2005, 17:21
Dominika Izdebska
Chudesnaia fotka!
7 ноябрь 2005, 01:52
Anush Babajanyan
oo rada chto tebe ponravilas', dominichka...NULL
7 ноябрь 2005, 17:00
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