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© Glyn Davies - Darkness Fell
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Дата: 11 сентябрь 2012, 09:56
Snip from the blog:

‘One of my low days, under a gloomy blanket of dull weather with a forecast of heavy drizzle, I headed mid-afternoon for the Welsh hills.

It’s funny really, but the dark weather, the impending gloom, the threat of a downpour, the complete lack of any people on the hills, the quiet, the isolation, the wet earth underfoot, the raven circling in and out of the swirling low cloud – all served to remind me that even the most wonderful aspects of my world are often naturally dark, and even inhospitable.

There can be bright moments and wondrous beauty in the human landscape, but so often it turns to rain, storms, gales and lightning. It’s just that I’d rather put up with nature’s awesome natural powers, than the stupidity of human aggression.


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