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© Glyn Davies - Closed My Eyes
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Posted: 11 September 2012, 10:05
Surreal, rapidly billowing convection fog in the void between Mynydd Mawr and the Nantlle Ridge. Ice and frost covered wind-exposed edges.

It was irrational really, but alone on the summit of Mynydd Mawr, watching immense fog banks roll over every mountain peak except mine, I felt removed from it all, like watching a movie. However, when I realised that the voluminous vapour was now starting to swirl around my own mountain, and indeed venture up the hillsides towards me, I actually become quite freaked – it was the sheer size, scale and speed of the advance. Suddenly feeling infinitely smaller than the phenomenon and, as the face of the cloud stared at me from below, I closed my eyes as it rose up towards me. I could feel it about me, cold, damp and clammy, but at least when I opened my eyes I wasn’t faced with a wall of fear, just the gentlest cool white of an engulfing pure vapour. I laughed at myself, but I remained very alone and very small.


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