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© Ondrej Tichy - Midnight lake
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Posted: 11 September 2012, 11:35
Comments (5):
Ondrej Tichy
В первый раз я использовал новый блок питания с мощностью 18 Ач.
The first time I used the new power supply with a capacity of 18 Ah.
11 September 2012, 15:01
Narek Kozmoyan
Nice !
11 September 2012, 15:10
Ondrej Tichy
External power supply for Nikon

4 October 2012, 03:14
Michael Bartikyan
Good job with that power supply ! I was wondering what was that white ring on the lens, then you mentioned it's for heating the front end of the lens to avoid condensing , nicely done, does it work ?
9 October 2012, 12:36
Ondrej Tichy
Hi Michael,
I have not tried the heating collar yet, I`m still waiting for a clear sky.

Best regards, Ondrej
17 October 2012, 02:14
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