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Posted: 12 September 2012, 07:11
From the warmth of an Anglesey shore, absorbing the rays of brilliant winter sunshine, I studied the distant mountains which held the cloud and a dusting of snow. Since I was a teenager, I have always loved the beautiful curves of Moel Eilio, a soft sensual contrast against the more angular peaks of her bigger siblings behind.

Until recently, however, this beautiful breast of a hill had been badly scarred by quarrying, forestry and more recently by boys with toys. Guys with big engines and tiny minds thrilled and thrashed at the skin of the hill in a testosterone-fuelled need to conquer and claim, and signs warning against such desperate shows of machismo were largely ignored. Now however, large fences have been set across the hillside below the summit, which has effectively removed their climax, and the hill is very gradually smoothing out once more, re-forming its skin and returning to full beauty.

The delicate feathering of snow highlights the curve even further, bosoming skyward towards the dark, sliding blanket above. I love looking at the mountains, they are so humbling. We are nothing compared with their ancient history, a mega-annum of weathering and erosion – they have seen us come, and will no doubt see us go. For me at least, mountains rank highly amongst my catalysts for existential musing, and I would therefore find it very hard to live without them

This image is from my latest book, "Welsh Light"


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