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© Glyn Davies - In Perfect Contrast
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Posted: 12 September 2012, 07:17
‘Following a specific location request from one of my customers, I found myself (almost lost) outside Llangoed village on a warm late summer’s afternoon. The sunshine backlit the leaves of lush, overgrown lanes, as Cara Dillon sang to me in the front of the van. The hedgerows literally brushed past me as I ventured into narrower and narrower pathways, crows giving buzzards a temporary reprieve as they laughed at my black VW squeezing its way out towards the bay.

The shallow beach at extreme low tide creates huge cusps of sand and water, resembling textile designs from the 1960s. The vicious and burning intensity of light on the retina was not from the sun itself, but from its reflection on the wet sand. Although I tried to compose using peripheral vision I still was left temporarily blinded after shooting some frames. Of course the contrast between the sunlit sand and the dry surrounding areas meant the light contrast was off the scale! To me this was wonderful though, for just as I found the light blinding, the opposing fake shadows created rich, textural contrast. It was blindingly beautiful and the tiny human figures on the shore help to highlight the sheer vastness of this bay.’

A variation of this image is in my latest book, "Welsh Light"


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